What Recreation Programs are offered?

View the programs available for children and adults:

  • Children:
    • Child Yoga
    • Fall and Spring Soccer
    • Fall and Spring Tennis
    • Spring T-ball
    • Summer Recreation Program
    • Summer School Age Child Care Program
    • Winter Basketball
  • Adults: 
    • Adult Volleyball
    • Adult Yoga
    • Men's Basketball

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1. What Recreation Programs are offered?
2. What is School Age Child Care (SACC)?
3. How much are park fees?
4. What are the Recreation Department employment opportunities?
5. Where can payments be made?
6. What is the pricing of the Borough Pool Membership?
7. How do I find out about Special Community Events?
8. What are the annual community events?
9. What is M.C.F.O.O.D.S.?