Water & Sewer Billing

Winter Termination Program

The NJ Department of Community Affairs has implemented a Winter Termination Program (WTP) to prevent discontinuation for eligible residential customers receiving residential electric, sewer and water service from a local authority, municipal authority, or rural electric cooperative from November 15th through March 15th.  For further information on the WTP, please review the following notices:

  1.  Winter Termination Program Customer Letter 
  2.  Winter Termination Flyer   
  3. Winter Termination Program Self-Certification                     

For any questions on the Winter Termination Program please contact the Borough's Utility Billing Dept. at (732) 828-2100 x183.  All customers in arrears should visit: DCAid  or NJ211 for possible assistance. 

Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) 

The State Low Income Household Water Assistance Program (LIHWAP) can help pay arrears for your water & sewer bills. The program may also be able to help address tax liens due to water & sewer arrears.  To get more information and apply, go to waterassistance.nj.gov or call NJ211.  Please preview the. LIHWAP Program Flyer  

The program will provide benefits directly to water and sewer companies on behalf of residential customers. The assistance can be used, in order of priority, to:

  • Restore services where services have been terminated and pay reconnection fees and other charges accrued due to a disconnection.
  • Avoid service disruption for those residential customers who are in danger of disconnection (e.g., received shut off notices or have past due balances) and to help them afford bill payment going forward; and
  • Support those household customers who are current in their bills but might be in danger of falling behind in the near future. 
  • Help address tax liens due to water & sewer arrears.

Priority will also be given to families with elderly or disabled household members and/or with children under the age of five, no matter which category they fall into

 For more information and to apply, visit: waterassistance.nj.gov or call NJ211. Please review the LIHWAP  Frequently Asked Questions 

PLEASE NOTE: The water usage column, located on the front of your billing postcard, should state per 100 gallons of water usage rather than per 1000 gallons of water usage.  

Covid- 19 Ratepayer Information

Certain measures are in place providing relief to ratepayers experiencing economic hardship during the Covid-19 pandemic. Please review this message in it's entirety: COVID-19 Utility Ratepayer Relief Notice  

Installment Plans:                                                                                                       
Installment plans for arrearages accruing between March 9, 2020 and March 15, 2022 are available through July 22, 2022 for a twelve(12) month duration. To maintain the installment plan, a residential customer must pay the monthly installment amount, plus the current bill or the plan will be voided. For more information, please contact 732-828-2100 x183.                                  

Bill Assistance & Arrearage Forgiveness Programs: 

  1. NJ Dept. of Community Affairs  Assistance Program 
  2. Utility Assistance Programs
  3. "Do You Need Help With Your Home Energy Bills?"- Brochure

Contact: 1-844-930-1778 or Call: 2-1-1.

Water & Sewer Billing 

Water and Sewer is billed quarterly and is based on consumption from the prior billing period meter read to the current billing period meter read.

Final Billing Fee

When a property is being sold, and a transfer of ownership occurs- finals must be requested 24 hours in advance. A final billing fee of $25 will be added to each water and sewer account. View the Final Meter Readings Form (PDF).

Meter Testing Fee

If a meter is determined to be inaccurately recording the water usage, there will be no charge to the user. However, if the meter is found to be recording correctly, the user shall pay a testing fee of $20.

Other Billing