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PSE&G to Upgrade Aging Gas Pipes in Milltown 

PSE&G will continue working in Milltown to replace nearly 2 miles of old gas pipes with new piping -- ensuring a continued safer, cleaner and more reliable gas system well into the future. Phase one of the project along North Main Street has been completed.  Continuing in September 2023, phase two of the project will take place Monday through Friday between the hours of 7 a.m. and 5 p.m., and some Saturdays, weather permitting.

The gas main replacement portion of the work is expected to take place through [Fall 2023] in various locations across Milltown. Specific streets in phase two of the project include: South Main Street and East Lakewood Avenue. The township reminds residents that there will be no parking on public streets during construction.


How the work will be done? 

Before construction can start, the utility tests soil and digs test holes to verify the location of existing gas pipe. When this preliminary work is complete, PSE&G will begin installing the new gas lines. 

  • To upgrade the gas lines, we dig trenches, primarily in road surfaces, and lay new pipes block- by-block to minimize disruptions. At the end of each workday, the trenches are filled in and protective plates secured. You will always have access to your driveway. 
  • After new gas lines are installed. PSE&G technicians will need access to your home to replace the service line and gas meter and connect it to the new gas main. If your meter is located inside it will be moved to the outside of your home. We contact homeowners to arrange a date and time to do the work. During this reconnection, you can expect to be without gas service for about 4 hours. If you are not able to legally provide access to the property in question (i.e. the property owner) and require landlord approval, please let us know before scheduling an appointment.
  • Once your gas meter is moved outside and/or your service is connected to the new main our technician relights all appliances and makes sure they are working safely before leaving your home.
  • When work is finished, we repair roads with temporary pavement until the project is complete and the ground settles. Grass areas that are disturbed are repaired with temporary dirt. After the ground settles, grass areas are repaired and seeded. Roads are restored with permanent paving in accordance with town ordinance and paving requirements.


Call: 1-833-661-6400

Park Improvements

Special thanks to our Department of Public Works for the start of our Albert Ave. Basketball court resurfacing project. Our public works tree crew raised the canopy of several trees around the court for appearance and safety.

Our ongoing capital improvements include new roofs to both pavilions at Albert Ave. There is now a new asphalt surface to the Albert Ave. basketball court where our youngsters can improve their basketball skill set. A new Pickleball surface at Michelin Field/Park and an added basketball backboard there as well. That area will include two sports now with an enhanced look for our community.

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